Xledger on mobile devices

It should be easy to keep timesheets, register travel expense claims and approve payments when on the move. Download the app and you can use many of the functions in Xledger on your mobile phone or tablet. 
  • Timesheets
  • Travel expense claims and reimbursement of outlays
  • List of employees
  • Basic user settings
  • Approval of timesheets
  • Approval of travel expense claims
  • Approval of vouchers
  • Approval of payments on the list of due payments (bank)
  • Uploading vouchers
  • Updated bank balance

You can use Pair Device to connect your devices to Xledger and log in with a password of your choice. Should your device be lost or stolen, you can easily disconnect it in Xledger. Pair Device provides a fully satisfactory two-level security solution.  The app can be downloaded free of charge. The only thing you need is an Xledger user account with access to the functionality.

Download the application below:
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