Visindi is one of Norway’s leading players in management recruitment and selection and organisational development. The company has four offices in Norway and 40 employees.

Concerned with values
‘The collaboration between Visindi and VIEW Ledger is top notch,’ says Jenny Homme, a satisfied partner in Visindi. At Visindi, we are very concerned with values at the same time as we are business-oriented. We found that VIEW Ledger shared our values, and it seemed to be a modern company with very capable people. In our experience, VIEW Ledger is motivated by the same drivers – high quality and efficient services, at the same time as the company is innovative, service-minded and generous. Quite simply a very good match,’ she points out with a smile.

Overview and control
When we contacted Visindi for help with recruitment and management development, Visindi was in the process of evaluating potential financial management and accounting partners. We had used the same accounting firm for ten years, but were not entirely satisfied with their work, at the same time as the traditional accounting system was cumbersome and did not provide a good overview. Given the growth that Visindi had experienced and looking ahead, we needed to find a partner that could offer cutting edge technology and expertise. As a company with a joint management and offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim, it was important for us to have an overview of the figures in order to ensure good control and development of our business.



Always updated
The Xledger financial management solution from VIEW Ledger both delivers on and exceeds Visindi’s expectations. ‘We couldn’t be more satisfied,’ Jenny Homme tells us, and sums up some of the benefits they have already enjoyed: ‘The solution gives us an overview of our transactions, so that we have an updated financial status for the whole business at all times. This, in turn, enables us to take the right actions and, if necessary, adjust our course. Invoicing is also more efficient because we now have better control of hours worked, and invoices can be sent sooner. This affects both liquidity and the bottom line. We are also able to control incoming and outgoing payments in real time thanks to seamless integration with the bank. In a nutshell, we have gained better control of our whole business

Division of labour
Visindi and VIEW Ledger have chosen a collaboration model based on a certain division of labour. This model enables optimum resource utilisation on the part of both the agency and the customer. And with the worldwide web as a common platform, communication is excellent. ’At Visindi, we invoice, register, authorise and generate travel expense claims, because it is we who perform the day-to-day operational tasks in relation to customers. VIEW Ledger, on its part, scans incoming invoices, checks entries, pay and all provisions, such as tax and employer’s national insurance contributions, in addition to preparing various financial reports. We also use VIEW Ledger as an adviser and in connection with training and courses.’ Jenny Homme concludes by once again underling: ‘Our collaboration is top notch’. 
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