The Storm Geo Group is one of the world’s leading providers of commercial decision support systems for handling weather-sensitive operations. 
Division of labour
The company provides business critical weather forecasting services for the energy, offshore, shipping, media and aviation sectors. ‘Up until 2009, we used an external accountant, but, as a result of expansion and internationalisation, we saw a need for an in-house accounting function. We chose the web-based accounting system Xledger. Together with VIEW Ledger, we have arrived at a division of labour that meets our requirements,’ says Bjarte Johnsen, Group Financial Director.

Johnsen also says that Storm Geo uses VIEW Ledger to send invoices, and that VIEW Ledger also helps with system configurations for new companies and system settings that Storm Geo needs. ‘All other tasks are carried out in-house by each individual company,’ Johnsen points out, and quickly adds: ‘We have three companies that use the accounting module in Sweden, two companies that use the accounting module in the USA, one company that uses the accounting and payroll module in Dubai, one company that uses the accounting module in Aberdeen, one company that uses the accounting module in Brazil and two companies in Norway that use the accounting and payroll modules. In Norway, we also ​have two consolidation units that are used to consolidate the figures for all the companies in the Storm Geo Group. 


Together with leading players in different sectors, Storm Geo endeavours to create products and solutions that focus on improving operational activities, while at the same time reducing safety risks and environmental emissions. ‘Since we started, we have spent NOK 150 million on research and development, including the development of a global production system that automates manual work, which means we have more time to assure the high quality of our forecasts. For Storm Geo, it is important to continue to focus on innovation in order to be the leading player in the global market. That is why it is important for us to collaborate with other innovative companies like VIEW Ledger,’ concludes Bjarte Johnsen.
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